We have noted that there are 41 centres across the country that currently have a rating of "Excellent", as follows:

Congratulations to all these centres on getting such a great reward for all their hard work!

But what is an Excellent rating?

Once a child care provider has been assessed as Exceeding the National Quality Standards in all areas, they can apply for the rating of Excellent.

The current break down of ratings is:

  • 41 services, as above - Excellent
  • 4449 services - Exceeding NQS
  • 7880 services - Meeting NQS
  • 2681 services have been assessed but are still only Working Towards NQS
  • Only 10 services show Significant Improvement Required.

987 services have not yet been assessed (ie they have "Provisional" rating).


Disclaimer: This list is updated approximately weekly - while we do our best to keep up to date, a centre being on this page is not the final word on its status. The ACECQA defines that. The status of childcare services is updated when ACECQA publicly publishes the new ratings, not when the service is privately informed - unfortunately, we have to stick with the ACECQA public information.