Bumble Bees Early Learning Centre Pty Ltd - Hornsby (Edit)

Bumble Bees Early Learning Centre is a small, boutique lond day preschool located in Hornsby on King Road (near the hospital).

The centre caters for 15 children ages between 2 and 5 years of age. The long day preschool has recently changed management and has been fully renovated to comply with National Quality Standards as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing and natural environment catering for the needs of each individual child.

Our centre has a huge outdoor area with places for children to hide, explore and play. We firmly believe that it is in these age groups, both toddler and just before school, that children do most of their learning and development through a variety of planned and spontaneous experiences as well as through play. We use a variety of sustainable natural resources to intentionally teach mathematical, literacy and pre-reading skills. We endeavour to work very closely within the community, seeking school readiness advice from local primary school teachers and help from other businesses relating to the early childhood sector.

Bumble Bees is a SunSmart Centre which means that we have developed a policy and procedure in accordance with the Cancer Council to protect children while they are playing outdoors. We believe strongly in sustainability and have a very detailed sustainability statement which reduces our carbon footprint on the earth and the environment.

Long Day Care
an Early Learning Program
76 King Rd
Hornsby NSW 2077

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