Lizzards Preschool & Long Day Care (Edit)

Lizzards Preschool & Long Day Care will now care for kids between 0-6 years!! Call us for more information!! Lizzards Preschool & Long Day care cares for kids 0 - 6 years of age. Our school ready program provides children with tools, knowledge and confidence to commence their formal schooling career.

Our Long Day Care program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and is centred on structured, as well as spontaneous play.

All meals are included and prepared by our on site cook. We also provide ‘make up’ days. This means, if you have a booking that falls on a public holiday, you may rebook an additional day at no extra cost!

Long Day Care
an Early Learning Program
846 Hawkesbury Rd
Hawkesbury Heights NSW 2777

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