All about SDN Children's Services

More than a century ago, a group of Sydney matrons grew concerned about washerwomen who would bring their infants to work. When the washerwomen came to the homes of these matrons to do the laundry, they would plump their babes into baskets of washing. The babes would snooze while their mothers soaped and wrung and pegged and mangled.

The matrons resolved to establish a more appropriate form of care and so the Sydney Day Nurseries Association developed. The first day nursery in Sydney opened in 1905.

Sydney Morning Herald, March 13 2008

Head office is in Broadway, Sydney, NSW.

SDN Children's Services's main enquiry phone number is (02) 9213 2400

You can visit SDN Children's Services's website.

SDN is active in ACT and NSW.

We currently have 27 Child Care Services listed for SDN (scroll down for text list):

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