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It is vital that our children are well cared for, but we can't all be with them 24 hours a day. The Australian Child Care Index helps parents find the care in their area that suits their needs, by listing all the care options available to them. Looking for childcare? Whether Long Day Care, Family Daycare, an Early Learning Center, a Kindergarten, a Pre-school, a Nanny or a Babysitter are what you need - look around. We have the childcare options that suit your needs.


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  • Why can’t we open more child care centres? (May 16)

    A discussion of why childcare can be hard to get, and a summary of the changes out of the budget - a good read! :)

    Read the whole story at the News Ltd website.
  • Childcare workers asked to hand back wage rise (Dec 10)

    The Abbott government is asking childcare providers to “do the right thing” and hand back $62.5 million given to them to improve wages in the poorly paid sector, in a move slammed by Labor as a broken election promise.

    Read the whole story at the Brisbane Times website.
  • High-earning mums in childcare furore (Jul 22)

    Australia's best-paid women are demanding tax write-offs for childcare fees and taxpayer-funded maternity leave.

    Read the whole story at the NT News website.
  • Measures to improve out of school hours care (Jul 22)

    SA schools will be able to outsource after-hours care to a list of pre-approved providers, a move the State Government says will help reduce the burden on governing councils.

    Read the whole story at the website.
  • Childcare costs return to work (Jul 21)

    Mothers are saying no to full-time work -- and even refusing to return to the workforce at all -- because of the high cost and confusion of finding childcare.

    Read the whole story at The Mercury website.
  • How do your childcare costs add up? (Jul 21)

    Australian parents fork out more for childcare than families in the United Kingdom or Norway but still don't come close to paying Swiss prices.

    Read the whole story at the ABC News website.
  • Big fines for childcare centres (Jun 23)

    Fifty WA childcare providers breached State regulations in the past year, with legal action or licence suspensions pursued against 11 services for problems including inadequate supervision and failing to report a child's hospital visit to authorities.

    Read the whole story at The West Australian website.
  • Gillard calls snap meeting on childcare fee hikes (Jun 6)

    Reports that childcare fees have risen by an average of 11 per cent in the past year seem to have sprung Prime Minister Julia Gillard into action.

    Read the whole story at the ABC News website.
  • Call to delay kinder changes rejected (Jun 2)

    Calls for the federal government to extend the June 2013 deadline for when Victorian kindergartens must provide 15-hour programs for four-year-olds appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

    Read the whole story at The Age website.
  • Workers pay out on minimum wage rise (Jun 2)

    Childcare staff talk about how little the rise in minimum wage will help them

    Read the whole story at the Herald Sun website.