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Australian preschoolers take to Indonesian quicker than Japanese or French (Jan 11)

An interim report into the federal government's early learning language app suggests preschoolers are finding it easier to learn Indonesian and Japanese than French. The report found the language learning iPads apps are easy for children to use and that most of the 1764 kids involved in the pilot program were accessing the apps around five times a week.

Finding a childcare place in Federal Melbourne (Jan 4)

Too many families in Melbourne are missing out on high quality, affordable childcare that is available when they need it. Childcare that works for families is essential for parents who are busy balancing their work/study life and their home life. This study shows the situation has not improved since the rst landmark study 'No Vacancy - Finding a childcare place in Federal Melbourne' was conducted by Adam Bandt and the Greens in 2010.

Indigenous communities fear Federal Government's child care changes will impact 'most vulnerable' (Dec 29)

Fresh concerns have been raised over the potential consequences of the Federal Government's overhaul of the childcare sector. The Government has proposed legislation that would end a program that provides funding for services specifically tailored for Indigenous children. It wants to move these services into the mainstream funding system but Indigenous communities fear some centres will be forced to close as a result.

Read the whole story at the ABC News website.

Anti-vaxxers face 'no jab, no play' laws taking effect within days (Dec 27)

Parents have just days left to vaccinate their children before they risk being excluded from child care under new Queensland laws. The new "no jab, no play" laws - which give childcare providers the right to request a child's vaccination records and to exclude a child from their centre if those vaccinations are not up to date - come into effect on January 1.

City of Sydney childcare crisis will worsen as shortfall contributes to 18-month long waiting lists (Dec 8)

A childcare shortfall in the City of Sydney is projected to rise to more than 3300 places by 2016, defying the best efforts of Town Hall to help fill the gap. The latest projections revealed by the council's staff show 3369 children will be left on waiting lists despite plans for six new council childcare centres, and an influx of private operators to the market.

Concerns families will 'fall through the gaps' under childcare reforms (Dec 6)

Families on low to middle incomes could save $1500 a year under a sweeping childcare reform package tabled in federal Parliament this week. But plans for a strict "activity test" requiring parents to prove they qualify for subsidised fees have sparked concerns that some local children may "fall through the gaps".

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